Lavalla Catholic College Careers

ATLAS9 Careers Unit.

ATLAS9 Careers Unit.

The ATLAS careers unit is designed to guide the students in thinking about their future careers and requirments of life after school. This is a development unit only designed for investigation and understanding of possible future career options, understanding of language uesd for apprenticeships, TAFE's and universitys.


Activity 1:

Careers Investigation Game:

My Life and Careers Pathway Plan:


Activity 2:

Careers Website Investigation and Regreistration


Activity 3:

Bullseye Assignment

Activity 4:

Occupational Health and Safety Certificites

  • Save these in your student section of the careers website, they will be used for year 10 work experience!

Activity 5:

Your Future Research Assignment:

Activity 6:

Possible Careers Plan

  • Save a copy of this under the students section.